Missouri Baptist University 2018-2019 Undergraduate Catalog 
    Aug 14, 2020  
Missouri Baptist University 2018-2019 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Music, Instrumental Concentration, BA

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CIP Code: 50.0901

General Education

Communication Skills

3 courses as listed below (as least 9 hours)

Fine Arts and Humanities

At least 4 courses (at least 12 hours) from the courses listed below, including ENGL 203 and at least 1 course from a different discipline.

Natural Science

1 course from the biological sciences and 1 course from chemistry or physical science (at least 7-9 hours; at least 1 course must have a lab)

Biological Sciences


One course from the following (at least 3 hours)

Technology and Information Literacy

3 hours

Social and Behavioral Sciences

3 courses from at least two of the following disciplines as listed below, including U.S. and Missouri Government and Constitution course: (at least 9 hours)

Total: 42 Hours


* International students whose primary language is not English should take COMM 123 Public Speaking and Diction  instead of COMM 103 .

Degree Requirements

The general education program is complemented by specific requirements for each of the seven baccalaureate degree programs. The student must complete all requirements for the degree plan selected before graduation. The completion of the general education requirements and the degree requirements comprise a cohesive liberal arts basis, preparing students for study in professional subject disciplines. 


4 courses, as listed below (at least 12-14 hours)


*All ministry majors should take CBIB 213 - Old Testament Theology  and CBIB 223 - New Testament Theology  in place of CBIB 113  and CBIB 123 . Other students interested in this option must be approved by the instructor.

Health and Sport Sciences

3 hours

Interdisciplinary Studies

2 courses (3-4 hours)

Total Hours: 18-21


Music Major Core

Bachelor of Arts in Music

(In addition to General Education, Bachelor of Arts, and Music Major Core Requirements)

Mission Statement: In accordance with the mission statement of Missouri Baptist University, the academic program, and the music discipline, this major provides for those interested in the music field as part of a liberal arts program.

Bachelor of Arts in Music majors must take a general education course introducing an art form other than music, such as, art, dance, and theatre/drama, as part of their general education requirements.

Concentrations – The student must complete one of the following concentrations.

All persons majoring in any music field must complete the following core:

Required Music Theory (MUTH) Courses


†Students who pass the theory placement test are not required to take this course.

Required Music History and Literature (MUHL) Courses

Required Music Education (MUED) Course

Required Music Recital Attendance (MURA) Courses

8 semesters of credit required


Total: 23 Hours

**Voice credit may be Class Voice, Private Voice, or a combination of both.
***Advanced piano students may take proficiency exam for up to four semesters of credit. Piano credit may be Class Piano, Private Piano, or a combination of both.

Total: 50 Hours

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