Missouri Baptist University 2020-2021 Graduate Bulletin 
    Sep 21, 2021  
Missouri Baptist University 2020-2021 Graduate Bulletin [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

School of Business

Mission Statement

In accordance with the mission statement of Missouri Baptist University, the School of Business seeks to provide a personalized academic program, based on a Christian, liberal arts, worldview that is applicable to the business world of today. The program is designed to produce motivated graduates equipped with practical and current business skills, ethical social and business attitudes, and ideals based on Christian precepts.


The Master of Business Administration program is designed for “middle managers” who have basic experience in small business or corporate settings. Although the curricula accommodate students without a specific background in management or business administration, students are expected to perform at a graduate level in all courses. While there are no prerequisite business courses required for admission to the program, some students may be advised to complete specific undergraduate courses before enrolling in some of the graduate courses. For example, some students may be advised to take a basic accounting course prior to enrolling in ACCT 503 Managerial Accounting . While there are no prerequisite business courses required, students must complete ACCT 503 , ECON 503 , BUSN 523  and all core courses and or electives except for one course before enrolling in the culminating capstone project course. The Capstone Project provides students the opportunity to integrate the major learning outcomes of the MBA program curricula and apply it in a project related to their own work situation, to demonstrate their level of skill and knowledge within that context.

Summary of the Master’s Degree Process

To earn the MBA degree, a student must complete each of the following steps:

  1. The student must develop a comprehensive plan of study with the Graduate Advisor.
  2. The student must complete all coursework included in the plan of study.
  3. The student must complete a capstone project.
  4. The student must take the ETS Exit Exam that will be given upon completion of the capstone course.
  5. An Application for Graduation, signed by the student, Graduate Advisor, and Vice President for Graduate Studies, must be filed with the Graduate Office and the Records Office in the semester prior to the term in which the student intends to graduate.
  6. Students must pay the required graduation fee. All graduate candidates for graduation during an academic year – Summer (previous year) Fall/Winterim, and Spring – are encouraged to attend the commencement exercises which are held at the close of the Spring Semester. Graduate students must have all work completed and a degree conferred in order to participate in the ceremony. Students must notify the Vice President for Graduate Studies and the Director of Records if they choose not to participate. Students must pay the graduation fee whether they attend commencement or not.
  7. All graduate students must have a 3.0 cumulative grade point average in order to graduate from the program.

Transfer Students/Transfer Credit

Transfer credits must have been earned within the seven (7) years prior to entry into the Graduate Studies Program. Transfer credits must be approved by the Graduate Advisor and the Dean or Program Director and must have grades of “A,” or “B.” Courses that are not deemed suitable for graduate business electives or core class substitution, or were not earned from an accredited university or college, will not be approved. Students may not take courses from other graduate programs while enrolled at Missouri Baptist without written approval from the Vice President for Graduate Studies.

Students entering the Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree program may transfer up to six (6) graduate credits into the Missouri Baptist University Graduate Studies Program from another regionally accredited college or university. The total hours transferred to Missouri Baptist, including courses from other programs while enrolled, may not exceed six (6) hours. Students must complete at least thirty (30) hours of credit, including BUSN 583 - Capstone Project , at Missouri Baptist University.

The University only recognizes institutions accredited by the current edition of Accredited Institutions of Postsecondary Education published by the CHEA and the American Council on Education.

Directed Studies

Courses in the Master of Business Administration program are not available by directed study, as specified in the course description.

Capstone Project

All students seeking the Master of Business Administration degree are required to take BUSN 583 - Capstone Project  in which they will be required to complete a research project. This course may not be taken until the student has completed all of the Core Requirements for the MBA degree. The student must also be within six hours of completing all requirements for the degree. Students are required to earn a grade of B or better in this course. The capstone project course must be completed through Missouri Baptist University.

Exit Examination

MBA students are required to take the ETS exit examination during the final semester of their program and after completion of the capstone course. This exam will be scheduled by the Coordinator of Testing and administered by the Dean of Business or a designated substitute. Exit exams are required to graduate.

Programs of Study