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    Jul 21, 2024  
Missouri Baptist University 2022-2023 Undergraduate Catalog 
Missouri Baptist University 2022-2023 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

General Education and Degree Requirements

Missouri Baptist University is committed to education in the liberal arts tradition. This general education program emphasizes a high level of academic achievement in a major field of study and places strong emphasis on a broad, cohesive, and firm foundation in the arts, language, sciences, and literature, which comprises the common heritage of mankind. The University faculty and administration believe that without this foundation, a student may be well trained to perform a certain task, and yet be severely limited in ability to understand, participate in, and contribute to the cultural, social, and political milieus of the society.

Mission Statement: General Education has been defined as the foundation of the higher education curriculum. It is designed to provide a coherent intellectual experience introducing the student:

  1. to fundamental knowledge, skills, and values essential for the study of the academic disciplines;
  2. to spiritual and cultural dimensions of life; and
  3. to a life dedicated to serving the community and the world.

In conjunction with the Statement of Mission and Purposes of Missouri Baptist University, the purposes of the general education curriculum are as follows:

  1. Students will be introduced to the fundamental principles, concepts, and methods essential for the acquisition of knowledge basic to a liberal arts education: mathematics, physical and natural sciences, social sciences, the arts, humanities, and composition.
  2. Students will develop skills necessary to connect and apply knowledge across disciplines.
  3. Students will develop writing, speaking, and listening skills necessary for effective communication.
  4. Students will enhance their understanding of, and develop an appreciation for, diverse human cultures.
  5. Students will hone their skills relative to thinking and solving problems critically, analytically, and creatively.
  6. Students will improve their skills necessary for applying ethical principles to inquiry.
  7. Students will increase their level of understanding and sophistication when rationally evaluating, interpreting, and reporting data.
  8. Students will establish and strengthen a foundation for successfully integrating information technology across disciplines.
  9. Students will develop and enhance an understanding of themselves as they relate to a global environment (socially, aesthetically, politically, and physically).

To aid in laying this foundation, a general education program has been designed: to encourage exploration into the liberal arts; to provide exposure to new knowledge and subject fields; and to furnish broad-based, cohesive academic guidelines integrating disciplines.


English General Education Sequence Requirement

The English sequence is: ENGL 103 English Grammar ENGL 113 English Composition I ENGL 123 English Composition II All students who have not satisfied the general education and degree requirements in English are required to take the appropriate English course their first semester as a full-time student at Missouri Baptist University, and to pursue the sequence, without interruption, until the English requirement has been satisfied. Regular students who are not full-time must follow this procedure by the time they have earned 12 semester hours of college credit. Students may not withdraw from any English course in the sequence; they must take these courses for a letter grade of A, B, C, D, or F.


Missouri Baptist University 2022-2023 Approved MOTR Core 42 Courses


MBU Course by Content Area

MOTR Course Equivalent

Communication/Oral Communication Skills  
COMM 103 Speech Communications   MOTR COMM 110 Fundamentals of Public Speaking
ENGL 113 English Composition I   MOTR ENGL 100 Composition I
ENGL 123 English Composition II   MOTR ENGL 200 Composition II
Fine Arts and Humanities  
ARTS 153 Art Appreciation   MOTR ARTS 100 Art Appreciation
COMM 153 Appreciation of Film   MOTR FILM 100 Introduction to Film Studies
COMM 223 Introduction to Mass Media   MOTR SBSC 100 Introduction to Mass Communications
COMM 233 Introduction to Cross-Cultural Communication   MOTR SBSC 101 Introduction to Intercultural Communication
CPHI 203 Introduction to Logic   MOTR PHIL 101 Introduction to Logic
CPHI 213 Introduction to Philosophy   MOTR PHIL 100 Introduction to Philosophy
CPHI 433 World Religions   MOTR RELG 100 World Religion
ENGL 203 World Literary Types   MOTR LITR 200 World Literature
MUCL 111/311 Chorale   MOTR PERF 102C Music Performance-Choir
MUHL 153 Appreciation of Music   MOTR MUSC 100 Music Appreciation
MUHL 313 Music History I   MOTR MUSC 103 Music History I
MUHL 323 Music History II   MOTR MUSC 104 Music History II
MUHL 332 Music History III   MOTR MUSC 102 World Music
MUIL 131/331 Large String Ensemble   MOTR PERF 102O Music Performance-Orchestra
MUTH 103 Fundamentals of Music   MOTR MUSC 101 Music Fundamentals
THEA 103 Appreciation of Theatre   MOTR THEA 100A Theatre Appreciation
THEA 313 History of Theatre I   MOTR THEA 104 Theatre History I
THEA 323 History of Theatre II   MOTR THEA 105 Theatre History II
THMU 353 Musical Theatre History   MOTR THEA 100C History of the Musical
MATH 123 Contemporary College Mathematics   MOTR MATH 120 Mathematical Reasoning & Modeling
MATH 133 College Algebra   MOTR MATH 130 Pre-Calculus Algebra
MATH 155 Precalculus   MOTR MATH 150 Pre-Calculus
MATH 243 Probability and Statistics   MOTR MATH 110 Statistical Reasoning
Natural Sciences  
Biological Sciences  
BIOL 103 Introduction to Biology   MOTR BIOL 100L Essentials in Biology
BIOL 103 + 101 Introduction to Biology with Laboratory   MOTR BIOL 100L Essentials in Biology with Lab
BIOL 113 + 111 General Biology I with Laboratory   MOTR BIOL 150L Biology with Lab
BIOL 133 Survey of Biology   MOTR BIOL 100 Essentials in Biology
BIOL 203 + 201 Human Biology with Laboratory   MOTR LIFS 100L Human Biology with Lab
Chemistry or Physical Science  
CHEM 113 + 111 Introduction to Chemistry with Laboratory   MOTR CHEM 100L Essentials in Chemistry with Lab
CHEM 130 + 133 + 132 General Chemistry I with Laboratory   MOTR CHEM 150L Chemistry I with Lab
PHYS 103 Introduction to Physical Science   MOTR PHYS 110 Essentials in Physical Sciences
PHYS 101 + 103 Introduction to Physical Science with Laboratory   MOTR PHYS 110L Essentials in Physical Sciences with Lab
PHYS 123 + 122 Geology and Earth Science with Laboratory   MOTR GEOL 100L Geology with Lab
PHYS 133 + 131 College Physics I with Laboratory   MOTR PHYS 150L Physics I with Lab
PHYS 153 Survey of Physical Science   MOTR PHYS 110 Essentials in Physical Sciences
PHYS 213 + 211 General Physics with Laboratory   MOTR PHYS 200L Advanced Physics I with Lab
PHYS 363 Astronomy   MOTR ASTR 100 Astronomy
Social and Behavioral Sciences  
ECON 103 Survey of Economics for Non-Business Majors   MOTR ECON 100 Introduction to Economics
ECON 113 Macroeconomics   MOTR ECON 101 Introduction to Macroeconomics
ECON 123 Microeconomics   MOTR ECON 102 Introduction to Microeconomics
EDGE 203 Introduction to World Geography   MOTR GEOG 101 World Regional Geography
HIUS 213 United States History I   MOTR HIST 101 American History I
HIUS 223 United States History II   MOTR HIST 102 American History II
HIWO 113 World History I   MOTR HIST 201 World History I
HIWO 123 World History II   MOTR HIST 202 World History II
POLS 103 U.S. and Missouri Government and Constitution   MOTR POSC 101 American Government
PSYC 133 General Psychology   MOTR PSYC 100 General Psychology
PSYC 313 Human Growth and Development   MOTR PSYC 200 Life Span Human Development
SOCO 113 Introduction to Sociology   MOTR SOCI 101 General Sociology
SOCO 353 Cultural Anthropology   MOTR ANTH 201 Cultural Anthropology
SOCO 413 Race and Ethnic Religions   MOTR SOCI 202 Introduction to Studies of Race and Ethnicity
SOHI 213 Worldview and Social Issues   MOTR SOCI 201 Social Problems