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    Apr 19, 2024  
Missouri Baptist University 2017-2018 Undergraduate Catalog 
Missouri Baptist University 2017-2018 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

MBU Honors

Larry Smith, D.M.A., Professor of Music; Chair-Fine Arts Division; MBU Honors Director

Matthew R. Bardowell, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of English

Julie Ooms, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of English

Mission Statement: MBU Honors engages a diverse population of highly motivated students with scholarly and creative challenges that empower and equip them to be expansive, innovative thinkers, conscious global citizens, and curious, committed followers of Christ. We ask that students take intellectual risks; that they hold themselves to high standards; that they act as servant leaders on campus and off; and that they engage the big questions of today and yesterday with rigor and charity. The program not only prepares students for careers and graduate school, but also trains them to become compassionate leaders, both in the Christian community and in the world.

Application process

This four-year program is designed to enhance all undergraduate majors at the University and is open to all students applying for admission as freshmen for the Fall semester. Courses are offered only on the Main campus. Students must first be accepted to the University and then apply for MBU Honors

In the online application for MBU Honors, which must be submitted by the end of January, candidates address the following:

  • Community involvement and service – including extracurricular and co-curricular activities in high school as well as other activitie in church and your community
  • Leadership experience – explain your work as an elected or appointed leader in various organizations
  • Academic history – list or explain scholastic achievements, including GPA, specialized courses taken, advanced credit received, standardized test scores (ACT, SAT), and any special academic honors received
  • Statement of intent – What do you hope to learn and achieve as an MBU student in general and a member of MBU Honors in particular? Tell us about your long-term education, career and life objectives. This portion of the application should be written in essay form and is used as a sample of your writing skills which will play a major role in consideration of your eligibility for MBU Honors. You need to craft your thoughts well.
  • Chosen applicants will be invited to an on-campus interview in February
    • Students will be engaged in a seminar together on a topic of discussion and evaluated on their ability to listen, speak, and discuss effectively
    • Students will then be asked to write a reflective essay to how their ability to present thought in print effectively
    • Members of the Honors Council will conduct the seminar, evaluate the essays, and recommend 15-20 students for Honors


Freshman Year

HONR 113 - Honors Seminar I  
HONR 123 - Honors Seminar II     

Sophomore Year

HONR 213 - Conducting and Presenting Research 
HONR 223 - Creating and Presenting Independent Research  

Senior Year

HONR 413 - Senior Project 
HONR 423 - Senior Seminar 

†May be the Senior Capstone within the student’s major with some additional research or presentation requirements for Honors credit or an independent project.
‡Replaces World Citizen for Honors students

Honors Contracts

Students are also required to complete at least three Honors Contracts during the course of their studies. Ideally, these contracts would be completed during the sophomore and junior years.

  • Honors contracts are created between the student and the instructor of any class at MBU.
  • The parameters of the Contract must be approved by the student, instructor and honors director.
  • The course may be within the student’s major or the broader education program of the University.There must be a significant amount of additional work, appropriate to the course objective and content.

Beyond the Classroom

  • Students will engage in one co-curricular activity per year for the first two years for a total of two activities.
  • Activities will be accompanied by a discussion-based or writing-based assignment to be turned in within one week of the activity. Equivalencies for this assignment can be determined by the Honors Director.

Beyond the Curriculum

  • Students will engage in two extracurricular activities per year for the first two years for a total of four activities. Extracurricular activities must be a cultural event, service, service-learning or an equivalency as approved by the honors director.
  • Activities will be accompanied by a discussion-based or writing-based assignment to be turned in within one week of the activity. Equivalencies for this assignment can be determined by the honors director.

Honors Community and Housing

The MBU Honors Program stresses rigorous study and active service but also seek to create a community of students with similar goals and interests. It is important for the students to have time together for the community to be developed outside of the classroom. To facilitate the development of the Honors community, Honors students living on campus will be offered preferred housing in a section of the Spartan Village apartments. This block of apartments will help the students interact more freely. In addition the housing we seek to have a space available for Honors students to have both formal and informal gatherings during the school year on a regular basis.

All members of the Honors community will have two regular meetings and events each semester, to be determined by the Honors Council.

Honors in the World

All Honors students will take part in at least one of the following travel options during their time at MBU:

—Best Semester
—Study Abroad
—Travel Studies

Honors Financial Aid

• Honors applicants are eligible for all academic scholarships currently in place, as well as other performance based scholarships
• Those selected for Honors will be eligible for an Honors scholarship for as long as they remain in MBU Honors, subject to institutional policies and limits.
• Those who choose on-campus room & board also experience some savings.


A tangible award will be presented to all who complete MBU Honors. This may be in the form of a medallion, stole, hood, or academic cap. Special awards may be presented to students who go “beyond” the minimum requirements of MBU Honors or have exceptional work that merits additional recognition within the University and community.

No active programs available.