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    Apr 19, 2024  
Missouri Baptist University 2021-2022 Undergraduate Catalog 
Missouri Baptist University 2021-2022 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

General Education and Degree Requirements

Missouri Baptist University is committed to education in the liberal arts tradition. This general education program emphasizes a high level of academic achievement in a major field of study and places strong emphasis on a broad, cohesive, and firm foundation in the arts, language, sciences, and literature, which comprises the common heritage of mankind. The University faculty and administration believe that without this foundation, a student may be well trained to perform a certain task, and yet be severely limited in ability to understand, participate in, and contribute to the cultural, social, and political milieus of the society.

Mission Statement: General Education has been defined as the foundation of the higher education curriculum. It is designed to provide a coherent intellectual experience introducing the student:

  1. to fundamental knowledge, skills, and values essential for the study of the academic disciplines;
  2. to spiritual and cultural dimensions of life; and
  3. to a life dedicated to serving the community and the world.

In conjunction with the Statement of Mission and Purposes of Missouri Baptist University, the purposes of the general education curriculum are as follows:

  1. Students will be introduced to the fundamental principles, concepts, and methods essential for the acquisition of knowledge basic to a liberal arts education: mathematics, physical and natural sciences, social sciences, the arts, humanities, and composition.
  2. Students will develop skills necessary to connect and apply knowledge across disciplines.
  3. Students will develop writing, speaking, and listening skills necessary for effective communication.
  4. Students will enhance their understanding of, and develop an appreciation for, diverse human cultures.
  5. Students will hone their skills relative to thinking and solving problems critically, analytically, and creatively.
  6. Students will improve their skills necessary for applying ethical principles to inquiry.
  7. Students will increase their level of understanding and sophistication when rationally evaluating, interpreting, and reporting data.
  8. Students will establish and strengthen a foundation for successfully integrating information technology across disciplines.
  9. Students will develop and enhance an understanding of themselves as they relate to a global environment (socially, aesthetically, politically, and physically).

To aid in laying this foundation, a general education program has been designed: to encourage exploration into the liberal arts; to provide exposure to new knowledge and subject fields; and to furnish broad-based, cohesive academic guidelines integrating disciplines.